Loan and Hire Tracking

Wasp MobileAsset is an asset management and tracking system that has very many applications for equipment and asset loan and hire. Below are many of the applications that we have addressed.

Filing - Issue of files

Do you have a problem in identifying where a missing file is.  Barcode locator uses barcodes to scan the files in an out of the permanent far location, registering the user, date and time.  Details of the user's location are also held on the database together with his contact phone number so that retrieval of a specific file is very easy. Go to Wasp MobileAsset to see how it can work for you.

Issue and return of Laptops

Where there is a pool of laptops it is advisable to record the serial numbers against a particular user together with the operating system and software registered on the laptop. Wasp MobileAsset provides full details at a glance and logs the issue and return of each item.

Issue and return of Pool Cars

A simple logging system at the front desk enables all connected users to see which cars are available and which ones are due to return. Go to Wasp MobileAsset to see how it can work for you.

Issue and return of Demo kits

Where there are a large number of demo kits on loan to either customers or salesmen it is important to keep track of them.  This barcode system enables easy assume and return of the kits so that you know who has what it in a given point in time.  An outstanding loans report enables you to request return in the items more easily. Go to Wasp MobileAsset to see how it can work for you.

Issue and return of Mobile Phones

There are always a lot of company mobile phones to keep track of and  implementation of this simple barcode system will enable you to see who has which phones and where they all are together with sim card details, phone numbers, service provider and model. Go to Wasp MobileAsset to see how it can work for you.

Issue and tracking of tools and equipment to engineers

When engineers salesmen go on the road, they often take with them tool kits and sales demo kits drawn from a pool. Wasp MobileAsset is a simple way of recording the issue of these kids from the pool to personnel and to log return.

Library Loans: DVDs and Books

Wasp MobileAsset provides a simple issue and return system in-house libraries.  The books or documents scanned as they are logged out to a user and outstanding loan reports show the date is due back and current location of the items.

Sports centre: Equipment hire

When sports equipment is hired out is necessary to log whom it has been rented to, the time it is due back and an estimate of the cost. Wasp MobileAsset provides an easy to run system looking both the issue and return of the items.

Plant and Machinery hire

With plant and machinery the main problem when using bar codes is the structure of the material the barcode is printed on.  We have many types of label material that can address these issues

Film Studios: Issue of Cameras to crews

Camera equipment is very high value and it is necessary to keep a close track both the audit and inventory reasons. Wasp MobileAsset provides a very simple system to log the issue and movement of the equipment

Theatre: Issuing  props, scenery and costumes

In the theatre there are thousands of props, scenery and costumes. By keeping track of the issue and return of the items it enables their subsequent retrieval to be done very easily.



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