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Health and Safety Policy Statement

TSC Barcode Solutions Ltd (TSC) is committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, clients, subcontractors and all others that may be impacted by its operations. TSC is also committed to the protection and improvement of the environment in which it operates.

TSC will conduct all its work in accordance with the statutory or national requirements of the United Kingdom, in particular the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and associated legislation when no such requirements exist the Company will, as far as local  conditions reasonably permit, apply UK standards.

TSC recognises that good health, safety and environmental performance is paramount and, therefore, will provide all necessary funding to carry out its activities to ensure that all risks are minimised. It will achieve this by: -

  • Safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all employees and any others who may be affected by its activities. This will be achieved by eliminating hazards, conditions and situations that give rise to potential accidents. Where this is not practicable then measures will be put in place to reduce these hazards to a manageable level.
  • Training employees in safe working practices and ensuring that this knowledge is regularly updated.
  • Consulting with employees’ representatives on the matter of health and safety on a regular basis and stressing that continuous improvement is the responsibility of management and employees alike.
  • Providing a safe working environment which takes into consideration the necessary protection of employees with regard to access and egress, machinery, lighting, housekeeping, safe working procedures and safe use of substances etc. Where this is not possible or practicable then protective equipment will be provided to protect against the hazards identified.
  • Providing adequate welfare, first aid and fire fighting facilities, as well as accident prevention and health surveillance, to improve standards of safety and reduce accidents and lost time.
  • Ensuring employees understand their duties under the health, safety and environmental legislation.
  • Conducting its business in an environmentally sensitive manner, taking appropriate measures to avoid causing environmental damage and reducing environmental impacts to a minimum when these are unavoidable.
  • Reviewing and revising this policy at regular intervals.

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