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TSC Barcode Solutions is delighted to be part of the Wasp partner program. The Wasp range of software for asset management and stock control are very popular products distributed worldwide.

Wasp MobileAsset
Wasp MobileAsset is the Number 1 selling, industry-leading asset tracking solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Wasp has perfected an all-in-one solution to solve the asset tracking needs of government and educational agencies, healthcare, and small to large companies across the globe.

Standard           £349

Professional      £995
Enterprise         £2,295

For more information click here Wasp MobileAsset

Wasp InventoryControl
Get in control of your stock with Wasp Inventory Control – the complete stock management solution for small business. Wasp Inventory Control offers small businesses the ability to accurately track stock, without the complexity or expense of an enterprise solution. Easy. Efficient. Affordable.

Standard             £495
Professional        £1,349
Enterprise           £2,195

For more information click here
Wasp Inventory Control


WaspTime - time and attendance systems
Easily improve payroll accuracy and company profitability with time and attendance solutions from Wasp Barcode Technologies. Wasp Barcode Technologies is the leading manufacturer of time and attendance systems for small to medium-sized businesses.  Select from complete solutions featuring WaspTime software and a biometric (fingerprint), RFID or barcode swipe card time clock. Designed to improve efficiency and reduce errors in employee time tracking, Wasp time and attendance solutions are easy to use and install. Available in Standard, Pro and Enterprise editions, WaspTime solutions are scalable to grow with your business.


Barcode card reader option For more information click here: Wasptime Barcode

Standard            £349
Professional £995
Enterprise          £2,095

RFID card option For more information click here: Wasptime RFID

Standard            £495
Professional       £1,049
Enterprise         £2,149

Biometric option For more information click here: Wasptime Biometric

Standard            £649
Professional       £1,195
Enterprise          £2,295

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