Tracking and Maintenance

Tracking and MaintenanceTracking and Maintenance made easy with barcodes

Mobile Engineers have to install or repair equipment against a given daily itinerary. They must record repairs, reason for failure and installation details.

Barcode Locator will enable the mobile engineers receive the daily work schedule and this displays details of the location and work to be carried out by the engineer.

On arrival at the premises the engineer selects the job from the days schedule and then scans the serial number on the item. The installation or repair is then carried out and a lookup table of short codes is displayed on a hand held terminal such as the Opticon H15. from which the appropriate items can be selected.

The Barcode Locator software then transmits the data back to base by either connecting the hand held to a local phone socket or by using GSM/GPRS mobile and as the data is transmitted to the server the schedule for the next batch of jobs is uploaded simultaneously.

The results are shown against each item on the Locator screen and printed reports show the work done for the period.

Reduce management time for Health & Safety Checks

Barcode Locator is used to monitor the safety and H & S compliance rules with barcodes by compiling lists of the checks to be carried out then periodically running an automated schedule of checks to be done by item or by Location. The checks are recorded with a small portable barcode terminal eliminating all paperwork.

For example Item & Location: Toilets - Floor 1 Building A.

1 Floor clean 
2.Towel supply
3.Drier functional
4.No Blockages
Item & Location: Lighting - Floor 1 - Building A - Office 1

1. Bulbs
2. Switches

At the start of each check an automatic schedule is printed  showing what needs to be done. The audit is then done with a hand held terminal such as the Opticon H15 and if required a label printed on a portable bluetooth printer, such as the Zebra QL220, to record the check was done. The results are later uploaded to the PC when checks are complete. Reports on the checks and any problems are then generated.

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