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Track your Assets with a simple barcode system

Barcode Locator is an asset management and asset tracking product which enables users to keep track of fixed assets.

The benefits of an automated asset tracking system are many. The main benefit is saving time is finding the assets quickly and auditing them with a quick scan in a scheduled routine. The system is very simple both to set up and to use.

Asset Management

Each item has a unique barcode label. If barcodes are not already on the item they can be printed from within the program with any of our label printers.  The audits and movements are recorded with either fixed or portable scanners. If they are tethered or Radio scanners the movement is recorded immediately. If they are batch portable scanners then the movements are accumulated in the scanner memory and uploaded to the PC at the end of the period.

There are many views of the data: by department,  by user, grouped into item types, by Location You can also display them by Budget Holder/Owner, User/Keeper, Supplier etc. Each different item type is displayed with its own set of details so that an item such as a chair would have style and colour descriptive fields whereas a Laptop would have RAM, HDD etc.


Record and Track Issue and Return of property with barcodes

Barcode Locator monitors the issue and return of Hire, Rental or Loan items such as:

Librarary issue and returnsTrack loans
Issue of Engineers Tools
Issue of Sales presentation kits to salesmen
Hire and Loan of sports centre equipment
Hire of Plant and Machinery
DVD and Books Loans
Loans to patients - Crutches, Zimmers
Medical equipment issues to wards
Issue of Field Test Equipement to engineers
Pool Vehicle Issue
Issue of Camera Equipment to film crews
Issue of props, scenery and costumes to film sets
Marine Hire
File tracking
Issue and returns

Each item that is going out on loan is identified with a unique number that is then printed on a barcode label. On issue of the item the barcode is scanned and a proposed return date logged.

Reports show what is in store and what is out on loan and powerful search facilities enable you to track the movement history of each item.

An optional calculator module provides cost data for your invoicing system based on time the item is out and cost per unit of time.

The system works with manual entry, tethered barcode scanners or portable terminals.


File Tracking and retrieval from archives using barcodesFile tracking

Barcode Locator enables corporations to track where their archive boxes are - on their premises or with the storage company. It also enables the storage company to set up an identical system monitoring the movement of the archived items to and from the customers defining the time each item is in storage and enabling clients to have an on line record of what is in storage and what has been returned. File tracking made simple.

Each corporation can only see his particular items under password protection on the storage company database.

Powerful search and reporting facilities together with on line retrieval forms enable fast issue and return of the items to and from the archive storage whether its redundant furniture, files, or machinery.

Manage your files and archives with a barcode tracking system.

Barcode Locator enables you to store items with a barcode tracking system that uses your own file references. You can then retrieve and return files, books or other returnable items and get reports on where everything is and who has got it. The system includes automatic barcode label printing and the logging of the storage location using location barcodes which link to the barcodes on the file.

Each file or item is labelled with a barcode. This can be done with  a reel of sequentially numbered labels or the labels can be printed for each item from within the program. The movement to and from the archive room, owners filing cabinet or temporary keeper is recorded with either fixed or portable scanners. If they are tethered or wireless scanners the movement is recorded immediately. If they are batch portable scanners then the movements are accumulated in the scanner memory and uploaded to the PC at the end of the period.

The Enterprise version of Barcode locator is advisable for document management as not only does it provide multi-user access to the location of files but it uses a more powerful database (SQL server) that can manipulate large numbers of records. A wealth of reports and search facilities enable quick identification of where everything is and traces the movement history of each file.

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