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When people talk about radio networks for applications in warehouses or yards, 802.11 is usually the only technology on the table. With data rates of up to 54 MBit/s, 802.11g is the quasi standard today. Compared with this, data rates provided by Narrowband seem ridiculously low. And so, many people say that Narrowband is an old and overhauled technology. However, a closer look at Narrowband and its advantages reveals that, depending on the application, Narrowband is a much better choice.

Typical mobile warehouse applications do not necessarily require a high data rate. When the collected data from Barcodes, article numbers, and locations are combined, the net result is only a few hundred bytes per transaction which is easily handled by Narrowband. Additionally, with TESS from Psion Toklogix (Teklogix Enhanced Screen Subs System), an optomized protocole designed for fast through put in low band width enviroments, data rates are much faster than the band width would suggest. This has been proven in thousands of installations, worldwide. Additionally, covering large areas with 802.11 radio technology can result in an extensive amount of access points, cumbersome cabling and routing, resulting in high installation and maintenance cost. That is exactly the environment where Narrowband outplays 802.11. Even large yards and ports can be covered with a few base stations.

The proprietary nature of Narrowband provides security at no extra cost or complicated set-up. Narrowband frequencies are controlled by official authorities thereby eliminating the risk that the wireless network does not work because of interferences with other applications or other neighboring sites - a scenario that is getting more and more common in the 802.11 world.

Narrowband redio is available on the Psion Teklogix 7530 hand held terminal and also the 8525 truck mount terminal



TSC Barcode Solutions Ltd supports the Psion Teklogix Narrowband solution. We can site survey, install and configure hand held terminals to work on a Narrowband system. Follow the link below to download a case study on the benefits MRS Distribution found from Narrowband


Narrow Band RF system provides efficiencies for MRS Distribution (Case study)


Forth Ports uses Psion ans TSC solutions to run major supply route to Scotland and London (case study)


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