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Having decided on the mobile terminal for your warehouse application how do you make it work with your back office or ERP system?

At TSC Barcode Solutions Ltd we have over 40 years combined experience at integrating hand held and vehicle mount terminals into ERP and other back office systems. We have experience with SAP, eFax, Bann, JD Edwards, Infor, Sage and many many more.


Depending on the host system, and whether we are running RF or Batch, we have a variety of tools we can use to display a meaningful set of prompts for the operator on to the screen of the terminal and then to feed the collected data back in to the Back Office system.

RF systems

Where the terminal is “on line” ie connected to the host via a WiFi or RF connection we most commonly use a Terminal Emulator. This is a program that emulates a video terminal within some other display architecture such as a hand held terminal. It allows the user access to a remote terminal and all its applications via telnet. Telnet is a network protocol used to provide a bidirectional interactive text-oriented communications facility using a virtual terminal connection.

We have a range of terminal emulators available for many host systems and many hand held terminals. Our experts can set up and configure the terminal emulator to access your back office system and display your prompts on the screen of the hand held terminal.

Batch systems

In the case of a Batch system (where the terminal is not connected to the Host system) we generally write an application to run on the terminal. This is designed around your requirements using rapid application generators.

Before we start we spend time with you specifying the requirements and writing a spec document to ensure we understand what you need. Then our team of developers and project managers plan and develop and install the software within agreed time scales.


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