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An RF site survey is a process by which test data is collected and used to determine the number and placement of access points, so that there is adequate coverage throughout the facility. In most implementations, "adequate coverage" means support of a minimum data rate to the required areas. An RF site survey can also detect and identify the presence of interference coming from other sources, which could degrade the performance of the wireless LAN.


The requirement for and complexity of a Wireless LAN site survey, will vary depending on the facility. For example, a small three room office may not require a full site survey.  We visit your business and undertake a process of collecting information about your needs and current situation to source the best data collection solution.  We identify user areas, measure signal strength between prospective access points and also examine your equipment placement, power considerations, and wiring requirements.


Without a survey users will probably end up with inadequate coverage and suffer from low performance in some areas. We use the latest professional wireless site survey software packages, such as AirMagnet, to sample the RF propagation under normal operational conditions. From this, we can determine the optimum position and settings of every wireless access point to suit your specific requirements. Sampled parameters include signal strength, signal quality, bandwidth and signal to noise ratio.


Call us now on 0845 649 2950 with the dimensions of your warehouse and we will give you a price for a site survey.

A comprehensive, written Wireless Site Survey report offers:

  • The recommended optimal position of every wireless access-point.
  • The recommended optimal configuration of every wireless access-point
  • Maximum RF coverage for the minimum number of access-points.
  • A comprehensive risk assessment report.
  • Installation requirements, including photographs.
  • Cabling ans infrastructure requirements

Below is a link to a typical RF site survey. Please download it and have a look at the sort of report you can expect us to produce for you.


Example site survey


For more information call us now on 0845 649 2950 or visit our enquiry page.




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