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Case Study

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HarperCollins UK (HCUK) is one of the top book publishing groups in the United Kingdom and part of HarperCollins Worldwide. HCUK’s Supply Chain division encompasses Customer Services, Publishing Services and Distribution Services that fulfil customer orders from a large multi-warehouse site in Glasgow. With over 23,000 titles in stock at any point in time, the warehouses operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, shipping to a diverse range of customers within the UK and around the world.

The Challenge

HCUK had been using a paper-based picking system at its multi-warehouse site in Glasgow for over 10 years. This system had become outdated and HCUK required a new system that would ensure fast, efficient and accurate warehouse operations.

The Solution

HCUK implemented Psion Teklogix 7535 handheld computers for picking and sort­ing of goods at its warehouses. When goods arrive they are scanned by the 7535, which is linked to the Warehouse Management System (WMS), to deter­mine information such as product char­acteristics and sales profile. This allows order pickers to easily determine what a specific product is and where it needs to be directed to next in the multi-ware­house site. The WMStherefore knows exactly where products are located with­in the warehouses. The handheld com­puters are then used to batch pick boxes and pallets from storage and prepare the goods for delivery. This ensures orders are correctly filled before delivery.

The Benefits

The rollout of Psion Teklogix’ 7535s has improved response times between the WMSand order pickers, and has there­fore enabled HCUK to better respond to quick changes in demand. As a result, HCUK provides better customer service by consistently having high stock avail­ability and accurate, efficient, and reli­able order turnaround and delivery.

The ergonomic design of Psion Tek­logix handheld computers makes the job of warehouse workers easier, and hence, increases their productivity. Al­lan Doyle says, “We put them to the test in the warehouses and finally se­lected the 7535. Our staff liked the feel of these handsets in prolonged use, with and without the pistol-grip attachment. The lighting in the warehouses is reflec­tive, therefore the 7535’s non-reflective screen was a key feature as it ensures that operators can easily view instruc­tions and input data. A further benefit is that the keyboard is straightforward and easy to use as they have been specifical­ly designed for warehouse applications. Other positive features included their ruggedness, the 3 year warranty offered on all equipment and the complete solu­tion offering.”

“HCUK deal directly with Psion Teklogix and we are very happy with the product and solution they have provided us with. We have been using their equipment for over two years now and have been im­pressed with both the company and the equipment. I would not hesitate in rec­ommending them,” says Allan Doyle.

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